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I wish to further my developing understanding of DH
and how it will continue to shape the humanities in the future years. At this
stage, I'm most interested in hearing about current work in the field and
from veteran scholars of DH.

Digital technologies are fun, interesting, and necessary to understand. I seek to integrate my habits in social media and technologies with my career in academe. I like the Internet and the democratization of knowledge. I also play music.

I'm working on a book project that focuses on novels
by a popular Romantic-era press in London, the Minerva Press. I have little
background with technology--but want to learn new research methods to help
substantiate and shape my analyses of Minerva novels.

I am interested in data mining (how to do it, how to use it to gain new insights about texts in a historical period).

I'm an M.A. graduate student at UMaine. My field is English but I'm interested in interdisciplinary conversations and projects.

I'm new to DH and I'd like to attend THATCamp to engage with other DHers while working on my digital skills. I'm hoping to learn more about topic modeling and other methods of data mining. I'm interested in new ways of research as they apply to literary criticism.

I am currently taking a class on Digital Humanities and how it relates to my English major. This is my first real experience with Digital Humanities, but so far I really like it.

I would like to come to THATCamp because, I have just recently started to experience the field of Digital Humanities and I would like to learn as much about it as I can. I think that THATCamp would be a great place to accomplish this.

As a college composition instructor who'll be potentially focusing on second language writing, I'm intrigued by the promising application of digital humanities to the analysis of the data of student writing, which could possibly lead to some fruitful results.

I have a Bachelor's and a Master's in Social Work, and I'm currently pursuing an Interdisciplinary PhD in Disability Studies and Communications. My research will include film analysis, though I'm currently investigating many different theories and methodologies in order to develop the structure of my research.

I have a background in social science, and with my PhD research I'd like to examine other ways to investigate literature and other types of media.

I'm a senior English student with a concentration in Professional and Technical writing and a minor in Education. I'm taking an Introduction to DH class and its been a real eye-opener to the field. Noticing my growing enthusiasm, I thought attending a THATCamp was the next plausible step.

I just want to experience a THATCamp. I've heard a lot about them and, with my interest in digital humanities growing, I thought this would be a great way to get my feet wet.

Franco American Studies research (bibliographic, demographic); archives and LIS (Simmons GSLIS)

To see DigHum trends in the region, interesting people and projects, and to develop the ideas that shape my own work w/r/t bibliography, web, ethics.

As a teacher, I'm always excited by new ideas, and as a new media practitioner, I've found the best ideas get generated and built through a many-to-many dynamic. So I'm excited to be part of Maine's first THATCamp!

I'm particularly interested in applying the technical and social dynamics of new media to pressing problems in today's world. I hope to bring skills in visual design and HTML/CSS/JavaScript to these problems.

For my own technical toolkit, I'd like to learn more about any of these topics:

* Node.js

* PhoneGap and other mobile HTML5 solutions

* iOS development

* JavaScript on hardware (eg, Technical Machines)

* JavaScript in Unity

* JavaScript in Minecraft (Scriptcraft)

* Scripting After Effects"

I would love to learn how to convert a JS / CSS / HTML interactive website to a native mobile application. An advance discussion regarding jquery or other web interaction scripting would be great.

I am a graphic and web designer with years of experience with css and html, looking to further my skill-set

I'm a 4th year New Media student.

I would like to learn to create a mobile app

I am a 5th year new media student and I like to work with Photoshop and Illustrator. I use to be a computer science major and I didn't like all the programming that went along with it so I switched to a more creative and artsy major.

I would like more help with Adobe AfterEffects and Final Cut Pro to help with my capstone.

I'm a New Media senior, looking for new ways to add incentives for our (I have two collaborators on my capstone) capstone Kickstarter.

I'd really like to learn how to use the 3D printer, the different parts of it, and what it can do.

I am a 5th year New Media student at the University of Maine in Orono. I am currently in Capstone, developing a new type of skateboarding trucks. Since skateboards and bearings have been updated over the years, it is time to update the trucks, which is the axel on a skateboard. My team is creating a pair of trucks that can virtually grind anything! Check us out at

I really want to learn how to use the 3D printer. It would really help with my Capstone project.

I am a 5th year new media major at the university of Maine. I am originally from New Jersey. I am into a lot of action sports, mostly skateboarding and snowboarding. I am also interested in film and love participating in anything to do with film. For my capstone project, my team will be building skateboarding trucks that can grind on any surface.

I would like to learn how to use the 3D printer and the laser engraver. It would help a lot with my capstone project.

I am a fifth year student at the University of Maine, in my fourth and final year of a New Media major, with minors in Film and Video, as well as Theatre. My main concentration in the field is in video production, and I have 2 years experience working in local news stations as both a director and an associate producer.

I can see THATCamp being a very strong resource for me in improving my video production skills. Be it through editing, filming itself, or any other aspect of video production, this is the art I'd truly like to master and I would be very interested in picking up as much new tips and information as possible to prepare myself for life after graduation.

I am a fourth year New Media major working through my capstone project. I am researching a way to create self-printed frames for sunglasses that could be customized by each customer and traded between buyers.

I want to learn how to create connecting three-dimensional printed objects and how to design them in three-dimensional editors such as Google SketchUp.

I'm a senior New Media and Marketing Student with experience in web design and coding, graphic design, UI design and online marketing.

I'm looking to get help coding an app I'm working on for my capstone, which features geolocation, social media connectivity, and 3D environments. Also am trying to determine whether to use Titanium or native iOS code for this app.

Interested in many aspects of new media, programming, designing, interaction, exploration.
Proficient in coding/programming, conceptualization, building and constructing projects, carpentry,soldering, electronic repair.. Etc.

I'm interested in developing my pet project of a virtual learning space into my capstone project for umaines new media program. Need help with collaboration, engineering the installation space, technical help using kinect and 3d virtual world programming and possibly interaction programming as well as brainstorming ideas for virtual room programs/apps/ educational software.


- Microsoft kinect sensor for tracking user and interaction with applications

- Multiple projectors - 1 for holographic projection, 2-3 for background simulation - requires projection mapping

- 3d software like Unity for 3d design

- multiple camera inputs - min of 8 cameras for full 3d capture of each individual user to create a 3d character for that user. Take photos of one user from (front,back,left,right sides and front left, front right, back left, back right. Then building 3d model using 123d catch or other freeware.)

- possibly make printable 3d version of user for souvenir

I am interested in figuring out how to incorporate typography into a New Media capstone. Or how non-profit organizations are using social media to make an impact in the digital world.

I am a 4th year new media student at the University of Maine. I am currently developing a mobile application for my capstone. I am not sure where my professional interests lie, as I move further towards graduation I'm finding my interests are changing ever so quickly within the field of New Media.

I am creating a mobile application for my capstone. I am not proficient in coding and would like some help with learning how to code / program mobile applications.

I have been teaching and learning about Native American literature for two decades in Maine. During this time I've worked to develop connections in and knowledge of Wabanaki communities; for the past decade I've been teaching and participating in theater and drama by Native American playwrights. I want to help develop online tools and spaces where effective collaboration with Native American communities can foreground, share, and preserve literary works from their members.

I teach Native American literature, and am getting interested in a process of digital curation of Native works and author information -- involving interested members of Native communities, students, faculty.

I have little training in technology and things of the like. I love video games and I would love to know more about their mechanics and the artwork that is put forth into it.
I want to learn how to animate and give commands to a video game character. Or how to actually make a 3D video game character.

I am interested in photography and web design.

I want to learn how to use a 3D printer, use After Effects, and to edit photos I take to make them look professional.

I have strong skills in using adobe Illustrator and my summer job was designing and building custom wordpress themes. My main interest is in front-end development.

I want to know how to incorporate jquery into my HTML; know how to print illustrator files on slabs of wood; and know how to use LESS (scss) in HTML.

I can teach how to make photorealistic pictures in illustrator using the mesh tool; teach how to make a web design responsive with media queries.

I'm a third year New Media major. I'm most interested in adapting traditional forms of communication to a modern world, my favorite being storytelling. My guilty pleasure is Hallyu, or Korean music, TV, and movies (which I'd know nothing about without the Internet.) I'm excited to learn and talk. And I talk a lot.

I want to learn how to use HTML5. I want to learn more about photography's place in the new millennium. I want to talk about and learn and discuss storytelling and how it is changing with the rise of new forms of communication. I also want to see some 3D printing in action.

I'm a fifth year new media and business management student, at the university of Maine. I'm really interested in design video games.

I'm a brother of theta chi fraternity. Last summer I ran a $40,000 company and next year I plan to expand it to a $120,000.

I want to learn how to prepare files for 3d printing and how to work laser etching.

I also warn to learn about maya and how to get started.

I can also teach about social networking and some ways to increase you influence online.

I am a freshman at the University of Maine at Orono. I am in the New Media major, learning and understanding about emerging technologies and how they will impact and change the perspectives of technology and life that we are ever so caught up in.

I want to understand and create something that connects more people together, creating a more personable interaction that goes deeper than the appearance. This could be a wearable technology or anything else, but I would like to understand more about technology and how its affecting people and their interactions.

As far as humanities go, I interact with humans most everyday; strange and bizarre creatures, most of them mad. I volunteer at the Black Bear Exchange on Campus, that's about as far as I go with humanitarian efforts.

As far as technology goes, I'm a pc gamer and I've modded games in the past which takes a mediocre amount of skill. I also do videos every now and then which I write for, film and edit myself.

I've made websites in the past and know html and some css. I also learned python last semester as my first programming language. I did enjoy making a text based variant of battleship for the class.

I'm very interested in game design and film making I spend far too much time playing games and hear youtube nerd opinions on them.

I'm fairly so green minded, probably more so when I move out and get my own place. Until then I just keep after my parents by turning lights off and trying to remember to compost.

How to film a scene in a show/story camera angles, etc.

Video Editing

How to hotwire a car

Making jpg or other solid images into pngs (taking out what you want efficiently and cleanly)

How to host a website

I'm a third year double major in Studio Art and New Media and double minor in Art History and Mechanical Engineering Technology. I am constantly curious by things I encounter, especially in art fields. I do not choose a sole medium for myself because I am interested in and excited about all of them. I am really determined to animate for Pixar and appreciate any input on how to get there.

I want to understand how animated movies are made. What is the organization and part breakdown? How much or little does an individual do for an entire movie?

How do professionals animate? What programs do they use? What is their process? Can you teach us how to animate?

What education or experience do you need to animate well or get an animation career?

How do you get an animation career?

I am a first year New Media student at the University of Maine. My interests are video games, 3D modeling, 3D and 2D animation, and web design.

I want to learn to how to script in Lua.

I want to learn the basics of 3D modeling.

I want to expand my knowledge of HTML.

Have an extensive background in Studio Art, am an athlete and have a big interest in learning digital art.

I'm experienced with the writing and illustration of graphic novels. I've self taught myself animation, but feel there is definitely room for improvement. I favor creative stories about animals real or otherwise (such as dragons).

I want to learn more about 2d and 3d digital animation! I am very interested in going into a career in producing animated films, and have been interested for a very long time but have never had the opportunity to actually learn from someone with experience.

I am the Alpha and the Omega.


Just kidding, I'm just a first year New Media student.

I would like to learn the basics of 3-D printing.

I've been an animation fanatic for as long as I can remember, with a love for Disney, Don Bluth, anime, and many Western animated series. In recent years, I have been working on a web-comic on my deviantArt page and have made a short rotoscope animation on YouTube. Most of the animated programming I watch comes from the eighties and nineties, as I feel that there was a certain level of effort and general appeal that seems to be seriously lacking in most of today's animated programming.

I want to learn about how to make 2D and 3D animations. I've loved animation for as long as I can remember, but I have never really been able to make my own. I hope to learn how so I can enhance my skills and make myself more versatile and valuable in the entertainment industry.

I am a first year in the New Media program at UMaine and my interests lie in the integration of technology in education. I do quite a bit of graphic design on the side, and I also work as a DJ on the weekends.

I would like to learn how to use FinalCut Pro X to create a promotional video.

I want to learn how to use social media to promote a business.

I want to learn how to use a 3-D printer.

I am a freshman in the New Media department, and have never really done much in the technology realm before. I absolutely love music, and think it would be interesting to try out and experiment with sound recording. Around campus, I am a proud member of the UMaine Marching Band and Pep Band!

I think it would be fun to learn about sound recording, perhaps dealing with recording voices and different instruments.

My interests include music and visual design. I have not used many programs that use these tools, but learning more about these would be a great experience. Three dimensional printing seems very interesting to me as well, and I would like to learn how that works as well.

I want to go to THATCamp because I would like to learn more about using technologies in different ways. I specifically would like to learn more about music production or using photoshop. I do not have any real experience in working with these ideas, but I would be willing to learn all I could about them during the Digital Humanities Week.

I don't have much background with humanities and/or technology but am always willing to learn more and am currently studying new media.

Learn more about different technology and figure out what I'm interested in. I'm not sure what to expect so I'm excited.

My name is Miles, I'm 19 and from Connecticut. Technology is a passion of mine, especially when digital sound/recording is involved. Two of my favorite audio programs are: Logic Studio and Ableton Live. As a musician, the capability to create professional sound recordings in a home studio is a truly novel invention.

As a new media student with no background in programming, it is sometimes easy to feel behind the curve. At THATcamp, I would thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to further explore some coding languages I have never before used. This could be something as simple as coding a program, or maybe something as advanced as hacking.

I am a first year transfer student in New Media. My background experience revolve around using most of the Adobe softwares.

I always want to explore more in the Media field. I would be interested in exploring FLASH and JAVA. See examples of 3D printing.

"Days are what you make them, they're not yours until you take them." - .x

I'd like to attend that camp because I think it will be a good place to learn more about what's happening in the world and to meet more people who are interested in the same things. I would love to learn more about working with audio and maybe even music production.

I'm a sophomore New Media major at the University of Maine, interested in learning everything the major may have to offer.

I'd really like to learn more about audio such as how to mix two or more songs, how to use the software necessary to do so, and how to use a soundboard.

I'm in New Media 100 and New Media Lab at the University of Maine. Last summer I worked a lot with the digital archiving program Past Perfect for the Maine Irish Heritage Center. I'm interested in archiving, game design, and film.

At THATCamp I want to learn how to use the program Maya for game animation. I'd also like to learn how to use a Full 5k Digital video camera for film (Red Cinema Package at the IMRC).

I've been interested in video games my entire life and once I reached my teenage years I wanted to learn how to create them. This interest has led me to coding and I want to learn a variety of scripts so that I can program on almost any platform.

I'm very interested in coding and would love to be introduced to scripts such as html5 or java. One of the biggest reasons I want to learn java script is because Minecraft is run with java. I would love to be able to create and code mods for the game. Hacking is another interest that I have always wanted to learn, but have never had the time to do so. I'm hoping that THATCamp will be able to fulfill some my technological needs.

I am a freshman at Umaine. Throughout my high school career I have held a fascination with making 'things'. This is widely why I have picked New Media as a major. I have extensive past film experience and am Adobe Premier Pro certified.

I want to come to that camp because I would love to learn how to use some of the resources available in the IMRC. There are a couple of basic things that I would love to learn.

1. How to use a green screen to make it look like you are flying

2. 3d chalk art (learning how to draw in chalk so that when standing from a certain perspective the art looks 3d)

3. How to make Dubstep music using Logic (using synthesizers)

I am an international student from Hong Kong. I studied digital visual design before I came here so I think visual studies would be my strength. While I studying in the previous program, I found myself particularly passionate in film and video production as well as photography. So, the digital humanities week is going to give me a great chance to get in touch with different people with various profession, get some new perspective in new media field which enhances my vision and learn something completely new.

I am interested in film and video production. I had some experiences in making film before and I found sound and lighting really matter. So, I want to learn sound mixing, sound editing and lighting in THATCamp, to understand the collaboration between image, sound, lighting and scene settings in films. Specifically for sound and lighting, I would like to learn sound editing software such as WavePad or the sound session in Premiere Pro and maybe some other kinds of sound effects; in terms of lighting, basically I want to know how continuous lighting and hot lighting work, and that would be more than great if I can actually touch some of the equipments such as OPEN-FACED TUNGSTEN, HMI lamp, etc.

Additionally, I am kind of interested in motion graphics and 3D modeling as well therefore I specifically want to learn the software Maya and AfterEffect as I think they would be helpful in video production and other aspect of media designs.

I am a student at UMaine, not a New Media major.

I want to learn how a 3D printer work and what it prints. can it print real human's organs?

Also, anything to do with Photography techniques tricks, tips, special effects, HDR, tilt shift, lomo.

My name is Joseph McDonald, I am 24 years old, and I study New Media at the University of Maine at Orono. I am a Navy Vet who is interested music, videogames, and film.

I enjoy learning about new technologies and what the future holds for that.

I'm a musician from the middle of the woods in Maine. I'm also a photographer.

I want to come to THATCamp so I can learn more about making music on computers (using logic, etc.) and strobe lighting for photography.

I would love to expand my knowledge on photography and video. I would like to know more about the RED Camera, the Canon 5D Mark ii, GoPros and how to use lighting in photography. I would also like to try out all the different lenses (that are too expensive for me to buy but I'd love to try!)

I would like to learn more about the music aspect. Although I'm not sure specifically what, maybe some demonstrations, mixing and software. Also a demonstration of the red camera and Isadora software.

I'd like to learn the 3D printer -- how colors affect advertising, what colors grab people\'s attention, what specific colors do to people's moods.

I would like to do pretty much anything in the prototyping lab. Circuits, 3D printing, CNC machine, Embroidering machine.

I'm a geek. That's the plain and simple truth. I've been playing video games ever since I was little and they have been my favorite activity for my entire life. I've always looked forward to the new releases of games to discover what new treat the developers have in store for me. They've truly shaped my life and introduced me to many of the people who make up my friend group. I've made good grades throughout my school years and ended my last semester of high school with high honors. My grades have always been a place of great pride and the proof of learning something new has always been a great feeling.

I'm interested in attending THATCamp simply for the experience. I'm always looking for new and interesting things in life and I believe THATCamp is the perfect place to find them! I hope to discover more about the design of new technologies and even learn a thing or two about programming. I mainly hope to broaden my horizons by attending THATCamp and hope to learn a little bit of everything.

My goal is to make my ideas real, the stories that i've been making up since I was little, either in animation and any other type of productions or writing. I've played around with a lot of programs and wouldn't mind getting better but music was something else that I had a slight interest as I made my own songs in my head. I never remembered the songs but could try and make new ones.

I've tried animation and photography programs and other thing but the one thing i've never really learned how to do well is making music without musical talent. Though it wouldn't be bad to refine my skills in animation and other programs.

Interested in digital humanities / history and using technology in teaching.

I want to come to THATCamp to make connections with colleagues interested in technology-enhanced learning in the UMS and from elsewhere.

I am interested in learning more about how the New Media Tutorial System has evolved (I have been working on creating some tutorials for it). I am specifically interested in learning how to make the interactive JSON quizzes.

An interdisciplinary artist, I was born in Yonkers, New York, integrates performance, installation, textile, sound, photography, videography, text, and audience engagement into her creative practice. Pierce's research efforts span art, anthropology, sociology, psychology, history and women's studies, as she explores the elasticity of what is perceived as "normal" behavior within the temporary boundaries created by ritual activities. Pierce has exhibited photography throughout the New York area, including the Brooklyn Museum and New York City's Museum of Sex. Her short film Maypole, was included in the Independent Feature Project's, Buzzcuts short film screening series, in New York City. Recently, Pierce created and performed 12 Steps to Planning the Perfect Wedding as part of the Bad Feminists Readings, in conjunction with New York City's Fringe Festival. Pierce received a BFA in studio art from the University of Connecticut. She just completed her MFA in Intermedia and is currently a candidate for an Interdisciplinary PhD at the University of Maine.

I am the Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Humanities at UMaine and a visiting faculty member in the English Department. I am also an Associate Editor of Melville's Marginalia Online <> and the Melville Electronic Library. My interdisciplinary work on 19th- and 20th-century art, literature, and philosophy focuses on archives research, digital editions, TEI, data mining, topic modeling, practical criticism, and the resources for textual studies in those fields.

I am interested in enhancing my abilities in coding (particularly Python and JavaScript), as well as mapping technologies and other visualization tools which are useful for literary studies.

I am currently a peon in the kingdom of New Media but hope to rise in the ranks quickly. I have always had a love for all things technological, particularly anything related to 'the future'. I am currently completing a Computer Science minor and a New Media major hopefully in the next year. I would really like to know more about the tools (3D printer, laser cutter, etc.) available to students here on campus!

Interdisciplinary PhD student at UMaine who is building virtual learning environments with Second Life.

ThatCamp provides an awesome opportunity to participate, learn, and experience new things! I'd like to broaden my horizons as a student and as an artist, and learn new tools that could benefit me in the future. I missed an opportunity not long ago to take a class to learn the 3DPrinter, and as a Senior in Capstone I soon will not be able to take advantage of these opportunities.

I am a Studio art and New Media double major looking forward to a career in the film and video gaming industry. My primary talent reflects very well in my ability to create conceptual creatures and character concepts. I have talent in most traditional and digital mediums, a mastery in photoshop, and strong understanding of design concepts. I would love to learn how to 3D sculpt, and I think it would inspire my artistic creativity if I had the opportunity to be able to create one of my concepts and view it in 3dimensional form.

As someone new to Maine, I'm interested in learning about the potential
for digital humanities projects at the university, the possibilities for
collaboration, and what others across the country are experimenting

I'm interested in how technologies for storytelling can reconnect people to their own families, communities, places. David Orr refers to this kind of connection as eco-literacy and sees it as the foundation of current and future education. In his words, "The disorder of ecosystems reflects a prior disorder of mind, making it a central concern to those institutions that purport to improve minds. In other words, the ecological crisis is in every way a crisis of education". One way to address this crisis in education is to link us back to our cultural and ecological communities via storytelling. I'd like to offer a collaborative workshop for creating digital stories which imagine future scenarios for our own families or communities. We will combine images that we get either online or bring to the workshop. We'll add voices, interviews, comments in this environment, and publish them online. Stories about the Gulf of Maine bioregion will also receive an invitation to publish in "Brave New Maine," a digital collection of stories about Maine's possible futures launching early 2014. Some sources for this work: ” David Holmgren's "Future Scenarios", explore four possible scenarios for transitioning in the face of climate change and peak oil. ” VoiceThread, a popular education and storytelling tool ” Prezi, another flash-based story and presentation format.

I teach Digital Storytelling at UMaine, co-ordinate the UMaine Permaculture Initiative, and build compost, soil, and food forest patches at Belfast EcoVillage where I live with my partner and two teens.

I am very interested in talking about representing the uncertainty of data. I work with early modern sources that provide data (text or quantities) that is often incomplete. I am also teaching a digital humanities seminar and would appreciate learning about colleagues' approaches to DH pedagogy.

I am a Galileo scholar, a Digital and Computational Studies Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities, and an Assistant Professor of Italian (on leave).