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This paper by Ramon Guardans  is based on a remakable book by Karl J. Niklas : Plant Allometry. The Scaling of Form
and Process (U Chicago Press 1994) and introduces some of it to the reader. This paper argues that
it would be useful to pay more theoretical, artistic, and scientific attention to the way plants grow
and reproduce, use resources and dispose of waste over space, time and scale. We shall argue that
many aspects of our social behaviour are closer to plant strategies over the long range rhater than
shaped by urgencies of ambitious predators, these exist but are just a part of how change in living
lineages come about. Other forms of interaction are relevant too.
Summarising and commenting on Niklas's work, we draw attetnion to some distinctive aspects of
the physics and biology of plants, regretting implicitly that not more of this work is in progress and
accesible when considering long term life processes
The consideration of these issues is also applied to comment on the prise Charles Darwin deserves
and how the poor man has been abused. We conclude with some suggestions on how current
biological artists and artistic biologists can think about change, structure and function.