So you've been invited to a Mesh...

Congratulations, and welcome to publishing in the 21st century!

You've been invited to contribute to a Mesh, a new way to share your writing with a community of critical and creative authors.

Like a conventional journal, a Mesh is a suite of articles that are connected thematically. Unlike a conventional journal, however, articles in a Mesh are connected electronically as well, thanks to tags created by ThoughtMesh software.

Meshes can be founded by universities, publishers, or even individuals. Often they are created to elucidate connections among papers and presentations offered at an academic conference or series of conferences. A single article may be accepted to more than one Mesh. And all articles uploaded with ThoughtMesh software are automatically interlinked, whether part of a particular Mesh or not.

Depending on the length of your text, you should be able to mesh it within 15-20 minutes. Here are some resources to help:

ThoughtMesh home

On the home page you can sign up, learn more about the software, or just browse essays that have already been meshed.

ThoughtMesh screencasts

Watch a video on:

ThoughtMesh FAQ

A complete list of Frequently Asked Questions, including:

More questions? Contact the person who invited you to the Mesh, or ThoughtMesh's creators at ude.eniam.timu@erutluc.loop. We'd be glad to help.

Happy Meshing!

--The ThoughtMesh team.